Classical Studies

In the middle years Classical Studies program at Virtus, our goal is academic achievement in an environment which promotes Christian character, diligent effort, and studious application. The program is suitable for sixth graders to eighth graders. It has been developed as a preparatory course for students who will pursue a Classical course of study in high school. As teachers we expect much of our students, and as co-laborers with parents, we lean on each other to help our students be successful in these things.

Classical Studies provides a weekly class conducted by teachers for specific subjects. Classical Studies teachers provide most of the instructional portion of the week’s work for academic subjects, including work to be completed at home. All work that is assigned is purposeful for learning, retention, and growth in the subject matter, as well as to aid the student in their development as an independent learner over time.

Our 2-year program includes:

Christian Character Studies
Intro to Classical Languages (Latin and Greek)
Survey of World History
World Geography
Critical Thinking
Classical Stories
Choral Singing