Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is tuition for Virtus?

A: Please contact us for tuition details. 

Q: Where and when is the program?

A:  We are thankful that we have been given permission to meet in a classroom at Rancho Baptist Church in Temecula for the upcoming school year. Class time is Monday mornings with optional afternoon classes and fellowship time afterwards at a local park. The program begins in mid August and is 33 weeks long.

Q: What are the curriculum choices?

A: Much of our program is created by our experienced Virtus Cottage School educators. We also use material from several publishers, including Memoria Press, Notgrass, and Classical Academic Press.

Q: What grade level is the program?

A: The Classical Studies program at Virtus Cottage School is intended for motivated, advanced 5th graders to 8th graders. This rigorous program is not for every student, which is why we ask you prayerfully consider if it is a good fit for your family. Our Classical Hearts program is available to first through fifth grade siblings of Classical Studies students.

Q: Would your teachers be grading the work, or is that the responsibility of the parent? 

A: Assignments and exams given by Virtus teachers are expected to be completed and enrolling in our program will require parents to encourage, support, and guide their students to complete these assignments. Virtus teachers will give feedback and/or scores depending on the subject. Virtus teachers will also give a written evaluation at the end of each semester. Parents give final grades.

Q: What place or role would parents have during your class day? 

A: We are a drop-off program and desire to give our homeschooled students a traditional classroom experience. We are not asking parents to volunteer their time during our Monday class. There will, however, be opportunities to help us plan and carry out our theater production, Renaissance faire, and Bazaar.